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Serum Sport Homme

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Serum Sport Homme

Sport Serum Pour Homme



Creates a 100% natural protective film on the male intimate area and thighs that combats irritation and dryness caused by the wearing of tight clothing, practicing sport, etc.






The combination of vetiver, cedar and cypress improves hygiene and offers added protection acting as a natural deodorant.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.discobolo Regenerating.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.discobolo Invigorating.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.discobolo Antioxidant.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.discobolo Non-greasy texture.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.discobolo Fast absorption.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.discobolo Airless container.


DIRECTIONS: Apply before and after sports, lightly massaging.

External use only.

Avoid direct contact with the eye area.

Free from, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, alcohol and artificial perfumes.

Sports and Hygiene

Sports and Hygiene

In the world of sports we lacked until now a non-synthetic solution for intimate protection and hygiene.