From Woman to Goddess

From Woman to Goddess

From Woman to Goddess





The feminine intimate area, so powerful and sacred, deserves to be taken care of with a 100% organic product.


Being a woman today is a fascinating adventure. We are reaching goals unsuspected decades ago, which open the way to new and interesting opportunities for us and even more, to the new generations that follow us.

As all progress, we have to adapt to the new personal, family, work environment. Suddenly, everything flows and everything changes very quickly and we dedicate a lot of effort to always be up to the demands: sport, healthy nutrition, fashion, beauty, youth, work, leisure, personal development ...


We are surrounded by products, services, machines and, of course, also cosmetics that facilitate us day by day.


As never before women take care of ourselves, we inform ourselves, we demand quality, we compare and finally invest in health under the motto "prevent rather than cure".




Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes ® is part of that advance, inspired by the need to make an adjustment in our daily routine of intimate female care that works from the prevention and in the day to day.


Our Intimate Serum pour Femme Ylang Ylang, provides nourishment, hydration, elasticity and intimate protection, enhanced with the aromatherapeutic properties of the essential oil of Ylang Ylang.





Its exclusive serum texture, facilitates the application and absorption of oils, protects and brings a sense of hygiene and intimate well-being that accompanies you in your daily life.