Pour Femme / For Women: The best female intimate oil 100% organic and healthy in exclusive serum texture to combat the vulvar dryness of women. Lubricates and moisturizes the vulvo-vaginal area.



Pour Homme / For Men: Innovative sports cosmetics, designed for men. Hydrates and protects men on a day-to-day basis and especially during sports.


After years of experience in the world of intimate cosmetics for women and sportsmen, we were aware that there was no 100% organic product of plant origin in the market, combining traditional knowledge of the benefits of plants with the latest scientific techniques and careful production in an avant-garde European laboratory.


Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intmes grew from the real need to give effective solutions for intimate natural hygiene, sexual health and well-being for women and men. The products cover ages from youth, and are effective throughout all hormonal changes during life.


It is also a specific remedy for the intimate care of women and men athletes.


In recent decades, cosmetics and hygiene products have continually evolved: facial creams, for hands, for the body, deodorants, suns, etc, but it was still necessary to develop a 100% organic solution that really took care of our most intimate and delicate area.