Moisturizer & Lubrication: from menstruation to...

Moisturizer & Lubrication: from menstruation to menopause

Moisturizer & Lubrication: from menstruation to menopause



The intimate area of ​​the Woman is the most sensitive part of the body, delicate and ready to irritations, discomfort and infections if we do not take care of it properly.



Vulvar and vaginal dryness is a common problem that affects women.

Although it can occur for multiple causes, it mainly appears when there is a drop in estrogen levels, for example, during the menstrual cycle, postpartum, during breastfeeding or during menopause.



The dryness of the vulvar area can cause us many problems.

And, in matters of intimate hygiene can get to have a vicious circle if we extreme hygiene, we get cystitis and infections such as candidiasis. This symptom so common among women, we should not consider it as normal and assume it, just stand it, but we can solve it to feel good.



Women with symptoms of vaginal dryness, the problem can be controlled with the daily use of the intimate moisturizing serum of Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes.