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Lacaresse Guarantee

Lacaresse Guarantee




Intimate oil in serum texture for your intimate care
Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes®



Intimate oils 100% organic formulated with a careful combination of vegetable oils and essential oils that enhance their emollient, soothing, aromatherapeutic, antimicrobial, deodorant and regenerating properties.



AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Innovative serum texture:



1. Rapid absorption
2. It does not leave a sticky feeling.
3. Facilitate the application.
4. Its texture and adherence to the skin guarantee that the serum remains in the applied area.
5. It caresses the skin with a soft velvety touch.
6. It provides a pleasant sensation of intimate well-being.



AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Cosmetic airless container (50ml):





1. Its technology works through a system that favors the maximum use of the cosmetic by creating a vacuum that doses the product.
2. Protect this 100% natural serum from oxidation while maintaining its properties intact and for longer.
3. Preserves the product of contact with air and hands, preventing contamination from germs and external agents
4. Pressure dispenser: the injector dispenses the right amount (0.20ml) when applying the intimate oil from the inside.
5. As it is used, it is pushed upwards, due to the vacuum that is generated, instead of remaining in the bottom (durability = 3,000 pulsations)
6. Transparent design with white pushbutton: facilitates the visibility of the intimate oil and its hygiene.
7. Transparent protective cap: prevents them from acting alone and accidental spillage during transport or travel.


Guarantees of intimate cosmetics
Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes®




AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes® offers a range of intimate oils in serum texture of the highest quality and efficiency, at an affordable price so that every woman and man can benefit from it.


AF_LACARESSE_Inicial We are guarantors of offering an intimate 100% natural oil, free of toxins. We invest in the latest technology using natural ingredients developed in Europe, many of them organic or bio production, in an easy-to-use, quick-absorbing serum format and packaged in airless containers, without contact with the air, preventing oxidation as well as possible transmission of germs by avoiding contact during our daily use.

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Intimate 100% vegan oil and Cruelty Free.

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Fulfilling all the parameters of ISO 16128-1: 2016 that provides guidelines on definitions for natural, organic and organic cosmetic ingredients.

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial The image of high cosmetic, careful and elegant, allows you to use it in all areas of your daily life. From the bathroom or toilet, vanity case, suitcase, travel bag or backpack or gym locker.

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes® makes its clients aware of the virtues of natural and healthy intimate cosmetics.

 Daily use Healthy cosmetics
Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes®

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Combats the dryness produced by tight clothing, inadequate underwear, hormonal changes, waxing and shaving, etc.

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Protects the skin from sweating and friction during sports practice.

AF_LACARESSE_Inicial Prevents infections thanks to the antimicrobial properties of the selected essential oils.


Its easy application, rapid absorption, feeling of freshness and well-being
they are the caress "La Caresse" on our skin.