Sports and Hygiene

Sports and Hygiene

Sports and Hygiene




Natural intimate hygiene through healthy cosmetics

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It is our genital area that we should pay more attention to maintain the balance of pH, avoid excessive sweating and protect hormonal changes (menopause, andropause, menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum), tight or low breathable garments, hair removal, contact with celluloses or effects of an intimate hygiene with inadequate products as they generally contain parabens, mineral oils, silicones, alcohol and synthetic perfumes.  




In the world of sports we lacked until now a non-synthetic solution to avoid the sensation of suffocation, rubbing friction, protection against infections, stinging and body odor. We athletes protected ourselves with products derived from petroleum such as petrolatum or mineral origin such as talc. All professionals of medicine, dermatologists or cosmetology warn about its serious counterproductive effects.           


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Intimate Serum Pour Femme Ylang Ylang     

Intimate Serum Pour Femme Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree     

Serum Sport Homme Vetiver, Cedar and Cypress      


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Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes® take care of your intimate genital area and of your physical and emotional well-being.