Take care of yourself as a Goddess

Take care of yourself as a Goddess

Take care of yourself as a Goddess




At Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes ®, we are inspired by the youth goddess, Juventus, as the ideal image of every woman who feels beautiful, healthy and protected by nature.


The cosmetic advances allow us to improve our intimate care and maintain the youth of the intimate feminine zone.


Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes ® has formulated, tested and developed the prestigious intimate cosmetics for every woman in a prestigious European laboratory.


Our Intimate Serum pour Femme Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree, protects and guarantees an intimate prophylaxis to women against vulvar dryness produced by the passage of time, hormonal variations, menopause, inadequate clothing, contact with celluloses, sweating, hair removal, practice of exercise or imbalances of our natural pH.

Its daily use combats and relieves itching, stinging, dermatitis, inflammation and mild irritations of the skin, protecting the delicate female genital area.

The antimicrobial and healing properties of the Tea Tree essential oil further strengthen our intimate care.


Going back to nature, with 100% vegetable ingredients of high quality in easy-to-use serum texture, is part of our evolution to achieve a state of well-being and intimate hygiene and permanent youth.


Lacaresse Cosmétiques Intimes ® welcomes you to Olympus Lacaresse!

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Intimate Oil Serum Ylang Ylang

Delivery weight: 150 g