Intimate Oil Ylang Ylang Serum

Intimate Oil Ylang Ylang Serum

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Intimate Oil Ylang Ylang Serum

Serum Intime Ylang Ylang: 
Intimate Serum Ylang Ylang Lacaresse: intimate oil and the best vaginal lubricant to prevent vulvar dryness


100% organic cosmetic for everyday use. Moisturizes and protects the sensitive skin of the feminine intimate area. Moisturizes to combat dryness. Protects the intimate area against ​​the effects of sweating and chafing caused by practicing sports, hair removal, cellulose, etc. Maintains the skin´s natural PH balance.




Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  It acts as a natural deodorant.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  Antioxidant.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  Regenerates.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  Rejuvenates.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  Non-greasy texture.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  Fast absorption.

Lacaresse.cosmetica.intima.juventus  Airless container


DIRECTIONS: Apply morning and evening on the intimate area gently massaging with fingertips.


External use only. Avoid direct contact with the eye area.

Free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, alcohol and artificial perfumes.

From Woman to Goddess

From Woman to Goddess

The serum texture facilitates the application of oils and provides an intimate hygiene and well-being that accompanies you in daily life.

Moisturizer & Lubrication: from menstruation to menopause

Moisturizer & Lubrication: from menstruation to menopause

The intimate area of ​​the Woman is the most delicate part of her body, Lacaresse take care of it.